Technosoft Automotive receives APAC CIO Outlook’s Top Customer Experience Management Solution Provider (2017) Award

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Technosoft Automotive, a leading provider of customer-focused next-generation automotive solutions, has been accredited with APAC CIO Outlook’s Top Customer Experience Management Solution Provider (2017) Award. Editor of APAC CIO Outlook interviewed Technosoft Automotive’s Chief Operation Officer, Christian Kaufmann, and shares exclusive insights on how the company transforms customer experience in the automotive retail industry. Below is an excerpt of the interview article:

The automotive industry is undergoing radical changes with digital transformation being the key driver to enhance customer experience. Technosoft Automotive addresses this industry-wide transformation with its next-generation automotive retail solutions by taking the lead to enhance the way in which automotive dealers, distributors, and OEMs can provide superior customer experience.

Committed to help clients by offering the best-in-class solutions, Technosoft Automotive developed its flagship product, Technosoft Yana Dealer Management System (DMS).

“We co-designed our solutions with dealers of leading brands like Nissan and Toyota,” explains Christian Kaufmann, Chief Operating Officer, Technosoft Automotive. Besides its deep automotive business knowledge combined with leading-edge technology expertise, Technosoft Automotive’s unique approach was to build a dealer management solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform instead of on the traditional ERP platform. Kaufmann adds that the non-conventional approach offers clients a multitude of benefits such as end-to-end seamless uninterrupted business processes and one integrated system, architecture, database, software license and user interface which compound to reduced cost of ownership while providing superior functionality. “With our CRM driven approach to dealer management systems we deliver products that put customer engagement right into the core of the solution, not as an extension to a transactional ERP system.”

Yana DMS supports configurable workflow, user-defined business process and task automation. Dealers can keep track of customer interaction, track the status of opportunities, view past sales history and obtain insights on next sales opportunities. Besides obtaining timely information on sales opportunities, dealership can share up-to-date customer records across branches. Consequently, it enables the dealership to deliver the best-in-class customer experience (CX) by providing customer with personalized service and consistent brand experience across all branches. Yana DMS also supports tracking of customer touch-points across multi-channel and throughout the customer’s car buying journey. It enables dealership to listen on all social media platforms, to understand customers’ perception about the dealership and the brand and how it compares against competitors. Dealerships can analyze sentiments to determine their share of voice across channels and know who their key influencers are and convert social media posts into leads or customer service cases by offering tailored recommendations and personalized experience.

Designed to help its clients achieve consistent customer brand experience and higher customer retention, Technosoft Automotive’s solutions are user-friendly, comprehensive, scalable and cloud-ready.  Kaufmann recounts the customer case of the nation-wide deployment of Yana DMS as the next-generation DMS for Nissan in Japan. Nissan’s objective is to provide “Omotenashi” to their customers, which translates to “feel like the customer”, to provide the best possible customer experience. Technosoft Automotive’s Solutions is an integral part in supporting Nissan to anticipate, and address the preferences of its customers, before, during, and after their interactions with the company. From the moment the customer decides to buy a car to the point where they return to the dealership for service, they are presented with tailored recommendations and personalised experienced.

Technosoft Automotive keeps innovating by leveraging latest technologies such as cloud, IoT, business intelligence and machine learning. Differentiating itself within the market, Technosoft Automotive provides next-generation solutions which support its clients’ digital transformation strategies.

Maintaining its pace of delivering leading solutions for customer experience management, Technosoft Automotive has added over three hundred new functionalities into its latest version of Yana DMS  “Technosoft Automotive’s DMS delivers a consistent customer brand experience, can quickly adapt to changing requirements and achieves higher customer retention,” concludes Kaufmann.

“With our CRM driven approach to dealer management systems we deliver products that put customer engagement right into the core of the solution, not as an extension to a transactional ERP system”

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