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Yana Mobile Sales App boost sales performance

Yana Mobile Sales app empowering your salesperson with a mobility tool to engage closer with customers and sell more cars anytime anywhere.As automotive competition increases, it is crucial that salespersons need to stay on the top to be able to boost the sales...

Technosoft Automotive Power BI

In today’s fast-paced environment, where much IT investment is going towards systems infrastructure and managing and maintaining big data, dealerships control their operations by accessing accurate data to monitor adjustable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to drive...

3 Social Media Tips For Today’s Car Dealerships

Forbes recently put out a thought-provoking article on car dealerships, and how the game has changed significantly. Dealers who have failed to notice the big changes in the mentality of their buyers are finding themselves left in the dust by tech-savvy competitors. 15...

Millennials car buyers: Is your dealership ready?

Millennials are a huge generation, born any time between the early 1980s and 2000. While there are significant differences in life experiences and expectations between both end of the spectrum, the entire group has grown alongside an era of information boom....

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