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Deliver the best-in-class customer experience in the automotive industry

Automotive CRM
Technosoft Automotive CRM is a customer relationship management system that is designed to deliver the best-in-class customer experience in the automotive industry. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform, Technosoft Automotive CRM provides complete 360-degree customer view and 360-degree vehicle view. It enables national sales companies (NSC), auto importers/distributors and dealer groups to effectively manage targeted marketing campaigns, to streamline lead and pipeline management, and to improve customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Technosoft Automotive CRM Highlights

Automotive CRM


Complete 360-degree view on customers and vehicles.

Automotive CRM

Customer Experience

Customer Experience centric solutions for higher customer satisfaction index (CSI) and higher customer retention.

Automotive CRM

Openness & Scalability

Openness and scalability of the solution to support fast growing dealers.


Cloud-based, which allows for data security and anytime anywhere access to your dealership.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence to generate analytics and predefined dashboards to provide data-driven insights.

Omni-channel Capabilities

Enables seamless and effortless, high-quality connection to the dealership through additional channels – mobile devices and social media.

Technosoft Automotive CRM enables you to

Technosoft Automotive CRM Product Capabilities

Customer and Vehicle Management

Get a 360-degree view of the customer and differentiate by offering a personalized customer experience at each customer’s touch point.

  • Full visibility of customer and vehicle data.
  • Gather and consolidate contact and vehicle information from all channels.
  • Integrate social media customer data.
  • Prevents data duplication.
  • Improved customer insights.

Lead & Pipeline Management

Create a complete list of leads from different customers’ touch points to share with distribution and retail partners and monitor follow ups

  • Import leads from any channel i.e. website, social media, third party.
  • Manage opportunities through various pre-defined sales stages and steps.
  • Define lead qualification rules.
  • Drive successful conversion of leads to sales orders.
  • Complete visibility of the sales pipeline.

Marketing & Campaigns

Set up, manage, run and analyse marketing campaigns based on segmented database and nurture your customers with targeted campaigns.  Analyse responses and results on a single dashboard.

  • Segment campaigns using customer or vehicle details.
  • Setup ad-hoc or recurring campaigns.
  • Execute personalized campaign via customers’ preferred mode of communication.
  • Consolidate multi-channel campaign responses.
  • Check campaign performance by deliver rate, read rate, click through, response analysis and ROI.

Sales Force Automation

Actively track the status of every prospect throughout the car-buying journey across multiple touchpoints. Use intelligent solution to identify potential prospects and drive successful conversion of leads to sales orders.

  • Complete view of leads with their related contacts, contracts, cases, opportunities.
  • Keep track of customer interaction, track the status of opportunities, view past sales history and obtain insights on next sales opportunities.
  • Generate quotation quicker and increase customer satisfaction with the reduced response time.
  • Sales forecast can be accurately predicted with the help of past sales data.
  • Reduce time required by the sales manager to prepare the daily, quarterly, monthly or annual reports.

Social Media Engagement

Listen on all social media platforms and understand how people feel about your dealership and brand and how you compare against your competitors.

  • Analyze sentiment to determine your share of voice across social channels and know who your key influencers are.
  • Convert social media posts into leads or customer service cases.
  • Gain insight to shape your messaging and sales strategy more effectively.
  • Drive customer engagement to foster conversations about your brand.

Customer Satisfaction

Create customer satisfaction surveys. Review feedback and customer satisfaction index.

  • Distribute post-service surveys to customers.
  • Receive and consolidate survey responses.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Analyze feedback and customer satisfaction index.
  • Make customer analytics-based improvements to dealer operations.

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